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Two eight-storey buildings, labelled as G and H, will be built in the first place. They will accommodate 232 apartments with an interesting design and floor areas varying from 25 to 131 sq. m. Both well-arranged studios and spacious five-room apartments will be available. From an extensive portfolio of apartments, future residents will be able to choose a space that perfectly fits their needs.

Next, the eight-storey building A will be constructed, which will include 111 apartments with floor areas from 30 to 119 sq. m. A wide range of apartment sizes will allow future tenants to select an apartment perfectly suited to their individual needs. The offer includes both smaller studios and more spacious five-room apartments.

Our apartments will feature a balcony, terrace or garden. The building design also includes storage rooms that will provide an opportunity to obtain additional storing space. Ten commercial premises are planned in the ground floor.

Stage three will be composed of two eight-floor buildings, B and C. The project offer will be expanded with 247 flats with areas ranging from 28 to 125 sq. m. The buyers will be able to choose from many different flats, ranging from cosy, well-designed bedsitters to large, functional suites. The ground floor of the building C will house one retail unit while the ground floor of the building B will house four of them. One unit will be designed for catering business.

The fourth project stage will be composed of two buildings, D and E. Future residents will be able to choose from 249 flats with functional areas ranging from 26.38 to 122.62 sq. m which will enable to design the interiors as you wish. The ground-floor flats will have appurtenant gardens while those on the higher floors will have balconies. The buildings have private storage areas offering extra storage space. 5 retail units will be offered at this stage.

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Nota prawna

The information contained on this website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, but is for information purposes only. These visualizations are for illustrative purposes only. The appearance of the buildings and land development may slightly differ at the stage of investment implementation. The essential features of the service and the buildings' functionality will not change.
The deadlines provided are of an infomative nature only and are subject to change. Binding deadlines will be included in the customer contract.

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