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Apart from spacious apartments, we offer an investment section of 205 investment apartments.



and cafes

and retrofitting

and boutiques


storage room

in the city


Ideal for short and long-term rental

Investment apartments ranging from 14 to 39 sqm will be an excellent place to invest funds and get additional profits. Attractive location, numerous amenities and many commercial facilities will make this space particularly comfortable to live in.

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As the owner, you enjoy full freedom in the way you use the apartment:

  • You can use the apartment for your own purposes or for your own business
  • You can take advantage of the offer of cooperation with a professional operator recommended by the Developer or entrust the handling of lease to any rental company.

It is simple, see for yourself:


an apartment


a finish


an agreement


the apartment


and earn

to deduct 23% VAT

High return
on investment

Possibility to run
your own business

Possibility of entrusting
comprehensive unit management
to the Operator

Inflation-proof investment
(steady increase in the value
of properties in prime locations)

and stable investment


Finish to the advantage

A comprehensive offer of investment apartments, ATAL SKY+, allows you to purchase a unit with finishing and retrofitting options. You can choose from six modern finish standards in various styles. This means you get a finished apartment in your chosen style, and most importantly, save time and money.

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Choice of operator to the advantage

INA is a nationwide operator of numerous investment apartments and rental properties located in popular tourist and business areas, i.e. in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Warsaw, Wrocław and Poznań. INA comprehensively manages long- and short-term rentals, building the trust of investors and guests for over 9 years.

To respond to market needs, INA has created four unique property networks: Symphony, Citybreak, Belong and My Rest. Each of them is covered by individualized marketing activities, which help increase profitability of the investment property and give it a unique character. All our apartments are standardized in terms of space, furnishings and amenities, which promotes a positive brand image and loyalty among guests.

A distinguishing feature of all facilities is reception services. The hospitable and professional service is appreciated by visitors who join the ranks of satisfied and eagerly returning guests.


Profitable management to the advantage

  • Professional rental management from the reception desk located in the building
  • Effective apartment lease strategy on a short-term and Longstay basis over 30 days to maximize rental profits
  • Adding the apartment to the nationwide Symphony network characterized by the highest standards
  • Properly targeted, dynamic marketing of the facility with a professional website dedicated to the investment project
  • Access to online service providing the investor with information on the profitability of the investment on an ongoing basis
  • Full technical service, ongoing apartment cleaning and servicing
  • Possibility to book the apartment for personal use with professional services

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

Magdalena Tesarowicz
koordynator obiektu INA Management
Tel. +48 530 999 599
Tel. +48 58 380 02 38
[email protected]
[email protected]

Investment risk

Allocation of funds to purchase an investment apartment in the ATAL SKY+ development may be – like any purchase of specific goods for profit – subject to risk arising from circumstances that depend on the specific nature of the property development market and the rental market. The investment may be profitable, but it can also result in a loss. The risk, which is borne by the buyer, is present at every stage of the investment process, both in the part related to the purchase, as well as in the part related to the management of the purchased unit and, for example, when making the unit available to third parties for investment purposes.

The main risk factors are connected to the future expected return on the investment, which may be less than expected. This may occur as a result of, for example, a decrease in the value of the purchased premises, lower rental or lease proceeds than expected, etc.

Therefore, before deciding to purchase a unit, a thorough analysis of the planned investment should take place with particular attention paid to all possible risks and scenarios.

Nota prawna

The information contained on this website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, but is for information purposes only. These visualizations are for illustrative purposes only. The appearance of the buildings and land development may slightly differ at the stage of investment implementation. The essential features of the service and the buildings' functionality will not change.
The deadlines provided are of an infomative nature only and are subject to change. Binding deadlines will be included in the customer contract.

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