Do you want to buy an apartment but aren’t sure what decision to make? Should you wait for the uncertain mortgage subsidy scheme and risk having fewer housing options and higher prices? Or should you buy now, taking out mortgage without financing? We have a perfect solution: the “Decide in Installments” housing program!

We can help you plan the purchase of your dream apartment – in developer or turnkey state – without risk. You can choose an apartment at a guaranteed price now, but won’t have to make a final purchasing decision until March. You have the option to withdraw from the contract without penalty. In the meantime, you will improve your credit score by making regular payments to your housing trust account, which will increase your capital, whereas in a traditional mortgage a significant portion of your installments is consumed by interest.

Make the decision to buy an apartment in installments, in four easy steps.

1. DECISION TO BUY with price guarantee
Currently, the availability of new apartments on the market is limited, among others, due to investments being postponed by some developers and the popularity of the already ended subsidy scheme. It is very likely that when the new program is launched, customers will start buying all at once. In such conditions, finding an apartment that meets your expectations can be much more challenging and without a guarantee of the current price. With the “Decide in Installments 2.0” program, you are not exposed to these risks, because the price of the apartment is guaranteed by contract.

2. DECISION TO FINISH YOUR APARTMENT – choose the best package for you
Finishing your apartment for an additional fee with our ATAL Design program. It offers a wide choice of materials and the support of our designers, while the work will be completed by a trusted team that you do not have to supervise. At this stage, you should consider whether it would be more convenient for you to choose the option of buying a finished apartment. The unit you get will be all ready to be furnished.

3. DECISION ON CONTRACT – you sign a risk-free contract, and by 28.02.2025 you will increase your capital for the selected apartment.
The apartment has been selected, the terms of purchase and price have been set, so you can proceed to signing the property development contract. At this stage, under the contract you are obliged to pay the 1st installment in an amount not exceeding 15% of the transaction value (own contribution)*. Then, until the end of February 2025, you will be paying equal amounts at monthly intervals, 100% of which will go into the trust bank account dedicated to your selected apartment. This allows you to accumulate more capital for the future, improve your credit score and ultimately finance your purchase on better terms. At the same time, it does not prevent you from applying for a state loan subsidy, if a new program is announced.
* Details in the Terms and Conditions. Individual investments may differ in payment schedule or be excluded from the program.

4. TIME FOR THE FINAL DECISION – and you know what’s next.
There are two possibilities. The positive scenario assumes that you have obtained financing and are moving forward, getting closer to owning your own apartment. There are no surprises, no mortgage review, and thanks to regular payments you have improved your credit score through excess capital. However, if things don’t go your way, according to the contract, you have the right to withdraw from it without penalty until 31 March 2025, at which time the apartment you reserved will return to the publicly available pool.


The program applies only to development projects indicated in the Terms and Conditions

This offer is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. Detailed information about the program and the Terms and Conditions are available from Apartment Sales Offices.

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Buy a flat finished within the framework of one of three options: BASIC, OPTIMUM, PREMIUM.
Select materials and move into a flat that’s ready to live in.
You can find the details on the ATAL Design Program website at.

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